All our performing arts and dance classes in Sheffield and Rotherham focus on building confidence, learning new skills and most importantly having fun.

As soon as your child is born, they are eager to explore the world and music, movement and imaginative play are fantastic ways of boosting their development and raising their self-esteem. This is why Noodle classes start from the moment your little one can walk right up until they are teenagers. We even have fun classes for adults who want to improve their strength and fitness.

Find out more about the range of classes we offer below.


Performing Arts

Our performing arts classes teach singing, dance and drama in one affordable hour-long session. Children learn valuable theatre skills but in a less intense and formal environment than traditional stage schools.Wizard of Oz cast

Noodle teachers are professional performers with extensive experience on the stage. They understand that no child is the same and our fun and friendly approach ensures we get the best out of all our pupils from the very shyest to the most boisterous.

Everyone taking one of our performing arts classes gets the chance to put their new skills into practice and show their family what they have learnt in an annual show and other performances. We have sessions which cater for preschool children and those at primary school as well as special classes for toddlers.


Noodle Ballet Tots

Ballet is a fantastic way of developing your child’s co-ordination, posture and self-confidence. Noodle’s Ballet Tots classes brings all the benefits of ballet to toddlers with a gentlBallet Tots Pice, fun and engaging class which captures their imagination and allows them to express themselves.

The 30-minute parent and child sessions introduce basic ballet moves with fun activities, music and singing. Ballet Tots is suitable from walking age up to three-years-old and is perfect for both girls and boys. Ballet wear is not compulsory, although many of our little ones enjoy the opportunity to dress up. We have competitively priced ballet shoes and clothing available at our classes for those who would like it.


Noodle Tots

Noodle Tots is a great introduction to the performing arts for toddlers. The 30-minute classes use singing, music, dance and drama to help little ones develop their social skills, build their confidence and have lots and lots of fun.

Youngsters are welcome at our Noodle Tots classes from the moment they can walk until around the age of three. Creative games and activities capture the interest of even the smallest participants. Sessions are carried out with parents or carers but confident, older children can be left in class when you feel they are ready.


Noodle Balletuntitled-8 2

Our ballet classes are the perfect way to introduce your child to ballet. With classes from the age of three, youngsters get all the benefits of learning ballet but without the pressure of exams. Unlike many dance schools, we do not ask our children to buy a uniform and the lessons can be done in bare feet and comfortable clothing.

Learning ballet is great for your child’s strength, control, posture and confidence. But at Noodle, the main focus is on enjoying dance and our classes are a fantastic place to make friends, have fun and learn new skills. All children taking Noodle Ballet classes are given the opportunity to take to the stage and perform at our annual show.


Street Dance

Our energetic Funky Street Dance classes are suitable for children aged from three upwards. With street dance becoming more and more popular in the UK, this is the ideal introduction for young children.

The sessions are suitable for all abilities and are great exercise and lots of fun. Street dance helps develop teamwork skills and boosts confidence and self esteem.


Noodle Ballet FitAdult Ballet Fit

Ballet Fit is a fitness class with a difference for adults wanting to get in shape and improve their strength and flexibility. Whether you studied ballet as a child or are a complete beginner, these sessions are a great way to keep fit and have fun.

Our classes offer the perfect blend of exercise and dance. Each session combines a cardio workout with stretches, strength work and technical ballet and is suitable for all abilities.




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