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Tots classes

Ballet is a fantastic way of developing your child’s co-ordination, posture and self-confidence. Noodle’s Ballet Tots classes brings all the benefits of ballet to toddlers with a gentle, fun and engaging class which captures their imagination and allows them to express themselves.
The 30-minute parent and child sessions introduce basic ballet moves with fun activities, music and singing. Ballet Tots is suitable from walking age up to three-years-old and is perfect for both girls and boys. Ballet wear is not compulsory, although many of our little ones enjoy the opportunity to dress up. We have competitively priced ballet shoes and clothing available at our classes for those who would like it.

Noodle Tots is a great introduction to the performing arts for toddlers. The 30-minute classes use singing, music, dance and drama to help little ones develop their social skills, build their confidence and have lots and lots of fun.
Youngsters are welcome at our Noodle Tots classes from the moment they can walk until around the age of three. Creative games and activities capture the interest of even the smallest participants. Sessions are carried out with parents or carers but confident, older children can be left in class when you feel they are ready.